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Skinning a Fox

Since being banned from  Facebook  I have skinned a fox and made a few videos This Beautiful creature had barely a scratch on her. Very thin but apart from that in apparently good working order until I got to the head and pop! A huge horrible cyst. It must have been putting pressure on the brain and she just went in the bushes to die :( Poor old thing.  So she's the star of a few new videos......I have vetted these videos with friends and they are officially 100% inappropriate. There are a couple of new ones on YOUTUBE  but waiting for my moment to pounce with the hardcore taxidermy stuff. Here she is before she was famous: STUNNING

On the menu tonight- Urban Foxes!

Update: This evening I'm off to Peckham to pick up 2 Urban foxes which are pre and post-birthday gifts. Because of this freezer issue I need to get cracking and skinning TONIGHT. If anyone is on the off chance in Stamford Hill and wants to watch/record what goes on between 9-11pm get in touch. Just to keep you informed, I have been banned from Facebook for posting inappropriate material- Long time coming if you ask me. CHARLIE TUESDAY GATES ON FACEBOOK The good news is I am now the proud owner of 6 BABY LAMBS! After a pre-spring break to Dorset I managed to acquire 6 tiny and beautiful speckled baby lambs. There was barely any room in my chest freezer- squashing them in brought tears to my eyes. They deserved a better resting place but their time will come. Love from Charlie Gates x

Meaty Postcards

Previously the art stuff I have put out there has either been dark-mixed-dead- assemblage sculpture, or to do with the Live D.I.Y Taxidermy performances…. so it might surprise people that I like sitting on my own cutting up pictures of meat and Jordan.  Especially  when I am on holiday. It’s something that I have previously kept to myself as people usually associate me with the 'other stuff'  but taxidermy has become so mainstream, I wanted to broaden my horizons, or at least show I had them.  Those Crazy Swiss In Thailand my reason to live was to make postcards. Whist in Switzerland, I was clutching at the straws of mental survival so decided to ask the viewers at home if anyone wanted free art through the post in the form of a handcrafted postcard. This put my ADHD hands to rest. Being the vegan taxidermist artist that I am-I clearly have a taste for flesh- Obviously I am going to choose meat as my subject matter. Discount meat. Life is cheap. Who better to be the face of

Valentines day special. Not for the faint hearted

I have made some alternative valentines day cards with a slightly vulgar, meaty twist.  None of them are particularly romantic,  just honest. Here's something you might give in a more casual relationship. Roses sit on slabs of meat holding a power card. And now here's the back: Tart with a heart. A mixed meat melody of chicken, ham and steak, fashioned into a penis-hiding behind a heart. Some things just belong together. Someone was excited to see you! Ham and spring onions  'Adventure Box' Handcrafted & expensive. This is a very complex card with a poem, collage and wisdom on the back.   Inset your own message above. This is the poem I've included for you. Your eye is then drawn to the collage below... This is what an 'Adventure Box' might look like. And this is the wisdom on the back. If you can't read the text then here it is again: 'There was nothing to do but join in and get porked because who knows if there will be a tomorrow?'

Back On The Meat Market

I went to Switzerland for a week. At Gatwick Airport I was very excited to see that Katie Price has her own magazine out! I love her and I love making collages out of her, her and meat. My favourite Katie Price aka 'Jordan' combination.  Jordan when she was pregnante one time. She has kebabs in her hair. Jordan and her XXL WOCHEN Katie Price does Lady Gaga So like I said was in Switzerland. When I have nothing to do I go back to my roots- collage. Love it. You can always rely on a bit of collage to get you through the hard times, to bring a smile to your face. I love postcards. They are so boring. On my  terrible holiday in Thailand  I started Jazzing them up- I got a little addicted to it. Takes your mind off stuff. Anyway, I needed a reason to live so I put a message out there to the world asking if people wanted free art in the post. The response was a tad overwhelming with 18 orders on one day alone! Switzerland is so bloody expensive though. I ended up spending about

Porn to Paper

This post contains doodles which some viewers might find offensive!  There is an erect penis at the end There are other highly entertaining and completely family friendly posts on the blog :)  It might surprise people that I do this sort of thing since what I usually put out there is weird assemblages often involving dead things...... I don't draw much. Very occasionally inspiration comes in strange disguises...or completely naked in a phone box.  I rescued these girls from Holborn, London. I took them back to my place and they told me of their woes.  My mum likes this one Swedish sir? They must have edited out the genuine penis so I have given you a demonstration of what she might look like pre- op. And here's the man on the other end of the telephone!   I decided the naked ladies needed a male companion so I typed  'Sexy Naked Man'  into Google. This is what happened: This was a very random day.  I never usually pick up a pen (my preference is black biro),