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2012 Highlights

2012 was a good year. Here's loads of the best things that happened:   Beginning the year with a new studio, I had the perfect place to work and create. Inviting the public into my private space and holding taxidermy workshops where people could learn the very basics in a relaxed atmosphere. In my secret room I was able to create without causing a scene. However there were many scenes.      On Easter Sunday my work made it into the Independent and my dream came true when I was featured in The Metro as well as Time Out, Design Week and many other big players. 2012 saw me working with stylists, art direction, doing artist talks and creating some of my most macabre sculptures, controversial video and performances pieces. Mind Like Magpie   As well as carving up the dead, I also make beautiful fashion accessories and I was asked to do a talk at Brighton Fashion Week. These can be found at .and