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This headpiece was recently seen on the holy head of Cara Delevingne. The Kate Moss of a new generation. The shamanic powers of this stonking headpiece seem to be bringing good vibes as you can also see the same piece in the fashion pages of MIXMAG. Yes this creation is certainly doing the rounds.   Usually my artistic practice revolves around making sculpture and performance. Obviously I’ve retired from all that ( see retirement post ), so now I’m making fashionable sculptures for people, performers, anyone who wants excessive accessories to wear. Turning lost trinkets into treasure, death and the discarded can be beautiful! Before... After So all of my fashion things can be found on these sites below! If you have a fashion shoot, event, performance, special occasion or just popping by the shops, please do get in touch and I can definitely kit you out with some kick ass accessories! MIND LIKE MAGPIE  WEBSITE FACEBOOK TWITTER


Years ago we I set about making taxidermy props for the massively popular, prize winning, mini micro budget blockbuster BORROWED TIME written and directed by Jules Bishop. Finally, this heart-warmingly hilarious tragedy will be hitting the big screen...    One of the main characters (Phil Davis) is a taxidermy enthusiast so he needed lots of bizarre accessories. I was drafted in to teach the production crew how to stuff squirrels ….with sanitary towels. Hand making little clothes and dressing the creations like you would in pre-school. One of these little critters became Phil's mascot, attached to the front of his mobility scooter. My creations are movie stars!   EVENT:  To co-inside with the release of the highly anticipated BORROWED TIME, I will be teaching you how to make your very own Borrowed Time Squirrel mascot with a master class in D.I.Y Taxidermy.  The preview date is apparently the 13th of September. Will give more venue details


Some people will be thrilled to know I will be announcing my retirement . . . . The taxidermy market has become saturated and to be honest I don’t really like the paths of trend I’m apparently treading. I prefer to carve them. Unfortunately paths get turned into roads and then motorways,   so I’m pulling onto the hard shoulder and going into the bushes to have a pit stop until the traffic dies down. I really didn’t want to be on the motorway. BUT! I can’t go out without a splat so this October will see the return of:  D.I.Y Taxidermy IIX CAT GOT YOUR TOUNGE? Hopefully this will leave a gaping wound in the performance world. ….The last D.I.Y saw me put up against some hard-core animal rights activist, heavily edited news coverage made sure I was banned in Germany and a campaign of hate removed me from facebook for the 3 rd time. It’s been a while since I’ve done something to get me removed so hopefully this will see me gone for good with a sensory and em