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D.I.Y.Taxidermy VII: SOLD OUT. Limited tickets on the door

 It’ll be my first public outing in a year, since announcing retirement and ONE of the LAST D.I.Y SHOWS- EVER.   WOOOOOOOO! This event sold out last time. AND IT'S DONE IT AGAIN!!!. But The Book Club will be releasing more tickets ON THE DOOR People were clawing their eyes out to get in…and some to get out. This is why: OTT will be an understatement. Shock, awe and so much more. Pointless sensationalism. Carelessly shocking. A story to take you to the edge of your senses and sensibilities. A comedy, a tragedy, you will laugh till you cry and you will cry till you are sick. What more could you want this Halloween Wednesday the 30th Oct at 8pm, The Book Club, Shoreditch? Just to recap: D.I.Y Taxidermy. Live performance/demo where we will skin and stuff an animal you have grown to know and love using only what’s lying around the house in a Blue Peter style. With a waste not want not ethos we will then cook the remains and serve roadside cuisine to the more adventurous audience m


D.I.Y Taxidermy VII: CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE? Oct 30th The Book Club Tickets can be bought  HERE WARNING: Not for the faint hearted, weak stomached or easily offended. …. Banned from Germany, hailed as a macabre genius on the underground scene with some videos so twisted they make you horny and sick at the same time. . .C.T.G is back- with a CAT in another truly insane addition of D.I.Y Taxidermy: An interactive and tongue in cheek taxidermy show/demonstration/ extravaganza where your host C.T.G gives first hand knowledge and the confidence to take life into your own hands- proving that you can do it yourself, at home, with little more than the contents of your kitchen cupboards. A bizarre cross between Blue Peter and an insane game show where YOU can WIN! Win real life dead artwork in the bizarre but hilarious raffle: 'LIFE! DEATH! PRIZES!' And EAT the discarded remains as an in house chef cooks up a tasty treat during the interval.. . . The show gives a truly