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Prison in Paradise: Covid-19 Vietnam Travel Blog

I made it to Vietnam- just in time for the shit to hit the fan...and now it looks like I’m here for the show. So I’m relaunching myself as the alternative Asian covid-19 travel blogger... Who doesn’t travel.  Who needs friends of a selfie stick when you have a timer on your phone? ‘3D art in Paradise, Danang- Vietnam’  I’d been having the time of my life for a week, zooming through the countrys most ballistic attractions at lighting speed, managing to out run the epidemic that hit every tourist spot I’d literally just left.  Dragon Mountain-Ninh Binh  When the country closed its doors, I screeched to a standstill In Phong Nah. The tide had turned. The shit storm was forming in the clouds.  3D Art in Paradise, Danang THE SHIT STORM I was happy sheltering from the storm in my shack on the river, but 2 weeks later I got a series of frantic messages from friends and family. Our thoughtful British government had started bleeting for us to home. “ Come back to be mi