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URGENT : Have you seen this Pussycat? Last seen 31st Oct at The Book Club, Shoreditch Very important as she was supposed to be in the show MODERN PANIC III Any information please contact me. I also have some work in Art Club   Sunday 18th November, Red Gallery, Shoreditch  I'll be exhibiting paintings and one String Chicken.

Some readers will find ALL of these things offensive.

D.I.Y Taxidermy 6: Throw The Book Away  was  FULL ON A taxidermy show to blow others out the water. A comedy, a tragedy....  Thought provoking, bold, completely sick but utterly compelling. A performance that encompassed video, storytelling, demonstration and improvisation mixed together with audience participation. A darkly enthralling performance that would test even the strongest of constitutions and consciences as I released insanity to epic proportions. Things people have genuinely never seen, thought, felt or smelt before. I got down, I got dirty and showed parts of myself usually reserved for behind closed doors.... and certainly not for closed minds. Tonight was the night I blasted them open We blasted them open with this: LIVE ANIMALATION 'LIVE ANIMALATION' Definition: The use of real animals in animation. Animating animals- real animals.  Stop frame animation was the next stop. Mark Arrigo was my man in control of the camer


  I've got work coming up in this show-  A unique and powerful collection  of over 50 surreal, controversial & provocative international artists.   Curated by James Elphick of Guerrilla Zoo  Karina Akopyan | Karolina Albricht | Franko B Miranda Benzies | Elizabeth Buckfield | Emma Buggy Charles Bronson | Santiago Caruso | Jazz Szu-Ying Chen Sarah Delaney | Charlie Tuesday Gates | Dan Hillier Andrew Hladky | Ben Hopper | Anna Humphries Chiho Iwase | Sally Jones | Achilles Kapsalis Laura Bodo Lajber  | Valentina Lari | Craig LaRotonda Cedric Laquieze | Natasha Lawes | Peter Millard Iain Macarthur | Vort Man | Julie Newton | Berth Neutze Bonnie Makes Pictures | Vesna Parchet | Carrie Reichardt Louise Riley | Sandra Robinson | Sara Le Roy Masumi Saito | Lucy Sparrow | Arcane Sin Sarah Sitkin | Greta Wallner Roger Williams | Martha Zmpounou More on the artists can be found HERE Live Art Performances Mad Alan | Hellen Burrough Nicola Canavan | Lydia Darl