Back On The Meat Market

I went to Switzerland for a week.
At Gatwick Airport I was very excited to see that Katie Price has her own magazine out! I love her and I love making collages out of her, her and meat.
My favourite Katie Price aka 'Jordan' combination. 

Jordan when she was pregnante one time. She has kebabs in her hair.

Jordan and her XXL WOCHEN
Katie Price does Lady Gaga

So like I said was in Switzerland. When I have nothing to do I go back to my roots- collage. Love it. You can always rely on a bit of collage to get you through the hard times, to bring a smile to your face.
I love postcards. They are so boring. On my terrible holiday in Thailand I started Jazzing them up- I got a little addicted to it. Takes your mind off stuff.

Anyway, I needed a reason to live so I put a message out there to the world asking if people wanted free art in the post. The response was a tad overwhelming with 18 orders on one day alone!

Switzerland is so bloody expensive though. I ended up spending about £60 English on stamps and postcards! I only used leaflets from the supermarket and every petrol station we went in, as well as my extra special Katie Price magazine.

Above are the only 4 collages I couldn't bare to be separated from.  I have asked all the people I sent postcards to to scan and send an image for my records. Being a serious artist I obviously don't carry around a camera so can only rely on the postman and the goodwill and competence of others.

The postcards are arriving thick and fast. When I have a strong amont I will post them and the kind recipients. There will be more of these art give-a-ways, I usually post them on Facebook and Twitter so 'Like' and 'Follow' for all the lastest and up to date information around the clock.

Love from
Charlie Gates


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