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It's official: The TAXIDERMY PUPPET SHOW MUSICAL is going to be really real 4-8th March 2015 GO! GO! GO! Yes, finally- Tickets are on  sale  for an all singing, all dancing musical of misfortune. March 2015,  you'll be able to see the whole menagerie perform in a  twisted cabaret show featuring the entire cast of Farthing wood..  I'm not really sure how much of the story I should be giving away, but it's basically about a few animals putting a little show together. Heart wrenching, gut twisting stuff.   They'll be the worst puppets you've ever seen and songs that make your ears a good way obviously.  Most of all. It will be Hilarious  If you have a sense of humour that extends further than the average persons mind.  ***  For a good few years I've been telling people i'm writing a musical. Well,

Halloween/ Witch Baby and STOLEN FAMILY HEIRLOOMS

This time last year I was preparing for D.I.Y Taxidermy VII- CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE: Where we would skin my beloved dead cat Douglas in front of a salivating audience- Another sell out show of the brazen and bizarre, scenes so terrific and terrifying the audience didn't know what to do with themselves.... Since bringing taxidermy to the stage in 2010 - D.I.Y Taxidermy has exploded- everywhere. Total overkill.  Obviously I started it all but ya'know, no biggy.  This year I have been asked to do something that doesn't involve dead animals.  Hooo-fucking-rarh Yes! My first real life paid singing job!   Here's a song written especially for halloween. Don't worry, there's more! You can see these and other classics performed live at The Vaults, Leake Street 3 nights on the trot if you really want to. They'll be sung much better with a piano genius to accompany everything. Here's a link to the event and tickets.!rave

No offence to the Beach....

Most of you know that I like to write about my holidays... and a fair few of you have reaped the rewards in the form of personal postcards-So my trip to   Portugal was no different.   Portugal was boring.  I was sold beaches to rival Croatia and the most stunning scenery- But we were basically in the part of Portugal purposely built for the totally tantastic- Endless vacuumed packed resorts and holiday homes with less charm than my most unimpressed face.  We’d hired a car but being driving licence free, I had to rely on the instinct of my friend...Who only wanted to go to the beach.   Every day. He was like some kind of relentless beach Natzi.  I’ve never been stared at so much on a holiday in my life. Apart from in India but that was different. I was wearing a headpiece on the beach, and giant army boots...and sometimes a shawl over my face for protection, but other days even when I was being totally normal, the stares were completely over the top and overly unjustified

Plug Me In, Turn Me On

I've been banned from Facebook again.  Whoops. My mum says I need to stop. It’s like, my 5 th   time now. They keep telling me that if I do anything wrong again that’s it. Wiped off the face of the face…book. I’m a repeat offender you see. Keep publishing indecent material apparently. God knows what I was dreaming about but I woke up and the first thing I did was this. It's a collage not a metaphor. Currently living in an ex mental day care centre and I found a curious collection of informational photographs, crying out for a collage or two.  These pictures of plugs were my favourite. Plug Me In, Turn Me On BANNED After creating another masterpiece, the first person I had to tell was Facebook. It turns out that Facebook can’t handle a few pieces of paper stuck together, crafted simply with an eye for detail and glue. Facebook can handle the hideous sites devoted to woman’s breasts and arses and all manor of other shameful public shows and grotesque acts of the mor

This Is What I Have To Say About That

Greetings. This is my new creation.  It was the hottest day of the year 2 times in a row and against extreme weather conditions, I created a masterpiece headpiece by my alter ego and fashion brain child  Mind like Magpie Mystery revealed. (Fox sold separately)  I was feeling sick with myself for being in a creative void of  empty nothingness.  So for the first time since my departure from the deep dark and damp depths of The Vaults I MADE SOMETHING.  It hurts inside when you have so much to give and get out - For some reason it gets stuck-  And so do you.  So I forced my hand, pulled my finger out and  touched the sides.  IT WAS SO HOT.  SO SO HOT My fingers were sweating so hard I actually had holes in the ends of them.  This is what pulling your finger out looks like. Dear me I love this hat.  Great Green Greatness. Quite an unusual little number.  Bunny ears creating the aura of spring.  My new workshop for &