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IT'S ALIVE!!!! IT'S ALIVE!!! Sing For Your Life at Edinburgh Fringe

WE’VE DONE IT! THE ANIMALS HAVE RAISED  ONE MILLION POUNDS! Because of you, Foxy will have new teeth, he will have backing dancers, he will have a boom box and he will have a sub woofer!!!! The animals will ride around on a transportable thrown and if we’re really really lucky, we’ll have a mobility scooter like this…. But most importantly, we will have live music! Unfortunately another puppeteer is still financially unattainable.     ...So, what’s it like begging for money to fund your very very expensive dreams? Well it’s tough. It was a candle burning, stomach churning, ball busting month for me, an enormous amount of work on and off the pitch, holding down vague employment whilst spamming inboxes at every spare moment. You have to be witty, charming and engaging ALL THE TIME. Copy and paste jobs just don’t cut it. And you have to be relentless, ruthless, shameless! Everyone hates you but you have to ignore it and carry on regardless.  Crowdfunders are