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Meow Meow

         Over a year ago I found a dead cat on the road The original footage was stolen, this cat action was recorded on a camera phone and has only just come to light today. Inspired by the cat attached to the helicopter, I decided that the world was ready so I  finally got round to a remake.   MEOW MEOW   Out now on YouTube "One evening in May 2011 my mother and I were driving home. Suddenly I started to scream. To my amazement, surprise and despair, there by the side of the road appeared to be the most magnificent feline I had ever seen! Recently hit, the only obviously mark was to the head and a slightly bloodied tong, rigamortis was just setting in and his eyes hadn't gone cloudy yet. He was huge! Someone had obviously loved him very much. But what is the right thing to do?  I decided to write a note and say I buried it then quickly bundled the cat into the back of the car and we sped away. I had been dreaming of this moment for so long. I couldn


BORROWED TIME                                                       Written and directed by Jules Bishop Theo Barklem-Biggs, Phil Davis, Warren Brown, Juliet Oldfield, Perry Benson Years ago I held a taxidermy workshop  in Dalston with the production crew of this film. We were making props for the  eccentric  main charter who lived on his own with his taxidermy animals. It has finally been  released  at  Edinburgh  Film Festival and the buzz around this film is  enormous . .... " Excellent movie, funny and sad, dark humour mixed with pathos. Will make you cry and belly laugh in the space of one scene. Great storyline with brilliant performances from main charters and supporting cast. Well worth a visit to the cinema and well worth the money you'll pay for the ticket. I hear Bafta nominations" "Wow what a movie, check out the Kevin geezer. If he dosent make you wanna cry and laught and give him a big hug and kiss on the smacker then you aint


How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world, That has such people in’t.’   The Tempest NABOKOV PRESENTS BRAVE NEW WORLD Sun 10 Jun, 6pm Soho Downstairs £10 A NIGHT OF THEATRICAL INNOVATION IN THE HEART OF THE CAPITAL 'In response to the Soho and Live Thearte visionary Utopia project. Nabokov is challenging 4 compaines of emerging artists to create their vision of the perfect world in just 7 days. In a time of global crisis and uncertainty Brave New Worlds asks some of the UK’s hottest emerging talent to offer hope and a vision of a world worth striving for.'    I will be c ollaborating  with  Dumbshow Theatre , a  fantastically  funny and  imaginatively  gifted team to create our unique and  eclectic  vision of 'Utopia'  They'll be 'Live D.I.Y Taxidermy' Where I'll be getting inside these perfect creatures and  explain  why they are so God dam amazing. Why we should appreciate every life, and how in a perfect world we would