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My laptop broke so I've been trawling through old e-mails trying to find pictures of work that still exists. Here is an existing image of  'KEEP AWAY FROM IDIOTS' Unusually the sculpture still exists too. This one sadly doesn't.... One Step Ahead It was amazing in real life- Inside the head bustling with butterflies and popery.All found objects. Mostly. Everything fitted so bloody perfectly-It was perfect. One day I arrived at college to find it broken. No note, no apology, no answer. In a desperate bid for the truth, I threatened everyone I saw.... but no one had answers, no one had seen or heard anything. I was supposed to learn a lesson from this: Be more careful and do things properly. Naughty Baby Long Fingers  Baby's walking round on their elongated fingers acept they didn't actually move....but if they did...

Tits on a Horse

Tits on a Horse Sorry, I just thought that was funny because it's an antler, and antlers are from deers not horses. This photo was taken by Luke Burke, thanks Luke. I've decided to try and make an exhibition of all this work sometime in January. It seems silly not to. I can try and make it fun and not uncomfortable or embarrassing. Candle light seems like the best idea. Like this but better. I'll even move stuff around and try my hand at curation. I went to the village pub and guess what they had hanging round the back for me?Only about 20 pheasants- 20 whole pheasants with wings and heads and everything else pretty much apart from the meat! But I'm a vegetarian anyway so that doesn't matter. I watched a taxidermy video on youtube.