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The Freezer Renaissance- Taxidermy Tales of the Unexpected

Based on the award-winning musical.... Sing For your Life ;  t he first and only taxidermy puppet-show musical comedy. . ..   I'm d efrosting the puppets to bring you a BRAND NEW SHOW! The long over-due prequel to The Greatest Show That Ever Died... The story follows Foxy (t axidermy fox puppet) who's starting a new life on the dump. Obsessed with human cutlture, h e's convinced that if he can recruit local wild   and domestic animal talent to join his new entertainment show,    the the humans will take them seriously, and no animal   will ever be hurt again!   Follow him as he endeavours to turn the dump into a world class performance arena and convince his fellow animal kind to join him.   This is the prequel to 'Sing For Your Life'. How the animals got recruited for the show and more about Foxys incredible life on the streets.  After being trapped abroad during the pandemic, I'm back in the U.K and ready to get cracking with the freezer renaissance. I'