Meaty Postcards

Previously the art stuff I have put out there has either been dark-mixed-dead- assemblage sculpture, or to do with the Live D.I.Y Taxidermy performances…. so it might surprise people that I like sitting on my own cutting up pictures of meat and Jordan. Especially when I am on holiday.
It’s something that I have previously kept to myself as people usually associate me with the 'other stuff'  but taxidermy has become so mainstream, I wanted to broaden my horizons, or at least show I had them. 
Those Crazy Swiss
In Thailand my reason to live was to make postcards. Whist in Switzerland, I was clutching at the straws of mental survival so decided to ask the viewers at home if anyone wanted free art through the post in the form of a handcrafted postcard. This put my ADHD hands to rest.

Being the vegan taxidermist artist that I am-I clearly have a taste for flesh- Obviously I am going to choose meat as my subject matter. Discount meat. Life is cheap. Who better to be the face of the campaign than Jordan.
Here she is on ski's
My other main reason is I find it funny. You don’t see meat out of context very often. Also there is a whole world out there of supermarket brochures with some really stunning images. No one appreciates these. No one cares.

Mixed meat melody with castle ablaze with salimi

I have also been picking up the biro recently and penning some of my imagination. 
Here's a tiny snip. Lots of the stuff that comes out seems to be quite dark-monsters, snarling animals and prostitutes. So in both my 2D and 3D creations, it’s always something twisted. 
More postcard pictures as and when they arrive. 


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