Taxidermy puppet made for the musical SING FOR YOUR LIFE! A tragic talent show...a cross between the X Factor and Pet Rescue.

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One Night In Peckham

Mother Earth Sucks
Collage postal artwork from Amsterdam 

String Chicken

(L 19in, H 14in, W 10in)
(L 19inch, H 14inch, W 10inch)

(L 25in, H 21in, W 13in)
The Lambinator-2011
(L 25inch, H 21in, W 13in)
Silence Of The Lambs installation
(L 56in,H 60in,W 20in)

Silence Of The Lambs installation
(L 56in,H 60in,W 20in)
Damien- 2011
(L15 in, H42 in, W9 in)
That's Not My Dog!-2011 
(L 25in, H 15in, W 13in)
Mind Like A Magpie!-2009
(L 19in, H 34in, W 19in)
Acid Fox- 2010
(L 28in, H 35in, W 18in)
D.J Foxy Roxy-2009
(L 16inch, H 24in, W 13in)
 D.I.Y Taxidermy @ The Nunnery 2010
(L 15in, H 16in, W 12in)
Fox In a Box-2010
( L 21in,  H 10in, W 15in)
Skeks On The Keys!- 2009
( L 22in, H 15in ,W 11in)
(L 15in, H 42in, W 9in)
( L 60in, H 72in, W22in)
 A Whole New World 
Photograph 2009
A New Fantastic Point Of View 
Photograph 2009
(L 9in, H 7in, W4in)

Look What The Stork Brung!- 2010
 (L 60in, H 72in, W22in)

Final piece at Bournemouth Arts Institute 2005
 The Last Supper- 2009 
Collage 12in by 8in
Man Salmon!- 2010
Collage 5in by 8in
Wackos Birthday-2009
 8in by 12in
 Installation view
 Installation view- 2010
Installation view- 2010
Installation view- 2010
 Tit's On A Horse 
Every Time I Look Into Your Eyes I See The Future
Tit's On A Horse-2010
(L 19in, H 55in, W 12in) 
Mind Like A Magpie
 Installation View
 When Bay Chick Was Alive 
Photograph 2008
Good Bye Baby Chick
Photograph 2008

Popular Culture 
(2008 L 15in, H15in, W 10in)
One Step A Head

Mumster -2011
Painting 16in/12in

Painting 16in/12in
 Dog Fish( Bark & Bite) -2011
Painting 16in/12in 
Saw- 2011
 Painting 16in/12in
Currently untitled
Painting 16in/12in
 Don't Worry Gobbles- 2011
Painting 16in/12in
Borrowed Time ( Fuck You Gambon)- 2011
Painting 16in/12in
 Joint effort from me and Jules Bishop.  
We spent a long time learning and drawing Michael Gambon.
This was the first painting I did since not doing any at all.

I have never done a painting for a long time in my life. I've always hated paint as a medium and thought it boring, 2D and too time consuming. I always found myself accidently thinking about what I was going to do too much, I would think forward and forget the moment so couldn't be swept away by it.

 One day I was trapped with only paints. I was over simulated inside and needed to relieve myself creatively.  The only way of escape was if I started to paint. .... The next 24 hours of my life was spent pouring out these strange creatures. They were sent from my subconscious to taunt me. 

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