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I am in Thailand...... Beautiful scenery. We've driven past numerous cats and dogs that are everywhere dead by the side of the road, there was this incredible snake on the beach with a noose round it's neck...And all I am allowed to do is look....from afar. Because of course I am on the first family holiday in ten years and not an adventure of a lifetime. There's loads of jaw dropping roadkill here and I can't do anything about it. All I'm allowed to do is pick up dried squashed toads. I have to keep this secret from my family and hopefully eventually customs.  Where did this image come from Obviously I haven't brought a camera to one of the most beautiful place in the world so have nothing to show of my 'adventures' Any images I use are not mine-But the things might have looked quite a lot like that. ? The places I have seen have been full of bloody tourists. I haven't seen one of those beaches that are clear of people. I don't think it'