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Brighton Fashion Week and other interesting stories

June 2nd at 2pm I will be spilling my guts at Brighton Fashion Week. How the hell does a normal person end up wanting to get to know the insides of an animal? Why on earth would anyone want to spend their time with rotting carcasses...? Well, I won't go that far but I will be explaining myself in no uncertain and terrifying terms.  I link to one of their designers- And if you didn't know, I am a designer myself; making head pieces and accessories out of the abandoned and useless, turning them into something beautiful and desired again. Mind Like Magpie 30th/31 I will be at The Lost Lectures entertaining and educating anyone who wants to have a stab at D.I.Y Taxidermy themselves. And here's a selection of pictures to keep you up to date with my studios continuos evolution.  Email and I will be happy to show you where the magic happens. Before anyone goes crazy about how cruel this is, these came from the butchers

Lost Lectures 30th/31st May

At the the upcoming  Lost Lectures  event I will be providing interactive interval entertainment with D.I.Y Taxidermy workshops. Giving you the tools and confidence to take life into your own hands, at home, with the things you have in your cupboards. A seemingly very light hearted approach to a very serious subject... Life is the most precious gift of all and shouldn't be needlessly wasted. All animals used for artwork have either died of natural causes, been rescued from gamery's, the side of the road or left to rot in stinking bins, all tossed away as if their lives meant nothing. Life is cheap and these beautiful creatures should mean more. This is by no means traditional taxidermy but a brief insite into the work and mind of an artist, a performance/demonstation that will have you re-examine your impact on what happens to life after death....