Family Holiday: My Prison in Paradise

This is how I felt the entire time We were going on a highly anticipated, once in a lifetime, family+boyfriend holiday to Thailand, for one month over Christmas and New Year!!!!!   Luckily I won't be able to bore you with all my 'amazing traveling experiences'.... because I had none.                                                                D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R  It all went tit's up from day one. Turns out I'd booked my own mums name wrong on the ticket and she couldn't fly with us.... So my sister plus boyfriend and I had to wave her goodbye at Heathrow and hope she could get another flight soon. What kind of person gets their own mum's name wrong? My brother (lets call him Bill) had been in Thailand for 3 months and greeted us when we arrived, then together we headed to the getto of Bangkok to wait for mother. . Less than 24 hours later my boyfriend suddenly and quite spontaneously decides he desperately needs to go 'find himself' and aba


Today was a big day... CHARLIE TUESDAY GATES   The 3D Experience    I am now on Youtube where I shall be posting very random and off the cuff things that I do in the privacy of my own home. Today I did this...   Lizard Fingers After the worst holiday in Thailand ever I came back with a bag of squashed toads and a part decomposing lizard. Everyone was shocked when they saw the booty so I was lucky customs didn't catch me. I am also lucky that I left that place alive after totally insulting Buddha and the King himself via postcard customization. I sent out 27 postcards and so far only ten have made it back...   When I have the pictures I will tell the tail of how I escaped with my life.

Singing Badger

I'll let the badger explain what happened....   This Badger is called Clare Farrell. She's been on the T.V and is being loving looked after by her name sake.


I am in Thailand...... Beautiful scenery. We've driven past numerous cats and dogs that are everywhere dead by the side of the road, there was this incredible snake on the beach with a noose round it's neck...And all I am allowed to do is look....from afar. Because of course I am on the first family holiday in ten years and not an adventure of a lifetime. There's loads of jaw dropping roadkill here and I can't do anything about it. All I'm allowed to do is pick up dried squashed toads. I have to keep this secret from my family and hopefully eventually customs.  Where did this image come from Obviously I haven't brought a camera to one of the most beautiful place in the world so have nothing to show of my 'adventures' Any images I use are not mine-But the things might have looked quite a lot like that. ? The places I have seen have been full of bloody tourists. I haven't seen one of those beaches that are clear of people. I don't think it'


Alix Fox from Bizarre Magazine came round a few months ago. We had a great time at the bottom of my garden, opening up children's toy trunks full the dead things things I like to make sculptures out of... Somethings are obviously deeply offensive but viewed with a massive sense of humour it's fine.   I also showed her the ropes in regard to this D.I.Y Taxidermy stuff. Here we are in my studio having a gay old time. You really can do it yourself with things you have at home. Just use your imagination! ...That's all I had to work with. It was really strange having people round poking fun at your stuff and taking hundreds of photos. It's hard letting people into the deeply private world of me and my animals.  My art means a lot to me.... You'll have to dig a little deeper to find out why but it's in here I promise. I cover a lot of things up with humour- that's because I'm afraid I won't have anything intelligent enough to say. Comes from being surround

Artist Talk: Verbal Diarrhoea

TONIGHT!  (Wednesday 16th Nov 7pm) The Doodle Bar 33 Parkgate Road Battersea, SW11 4NP 'Fro m the creator of D.I.Y Taxidermy LIVE we bring you a special event. Charlie Tuesday Gates, ‘Taxidermist’, sculpture and performance artist will be talking about the inspirations behind her work and warped imagination. This is a story of triumph over absurdity.  From humble beginnings growing up on a Army Camp rubbish dump, to big dreams of working on the shopping channel- Teaching herself taxidermy and then bringing it to the stage….all in the style of a crazed substitute teacher.….Who’s possibly maybe drunk. This is a no holes barred talking & pictures event! So if you feel like getting inside the mind of Charlie Tuesday Gates and experiencing verbal diarrhea of an artistic kind, then come on down this Wednesday 16th Nov. 7.15 pm The Doodle Bar This talk is FREE! Love from Charlie Gates x *** There will be no big words, lots and lots of pictures and of course boo

Artist talk at the Doodle Bar 16th Nov

For those of you who feel like getting inside my brain for one night then come on down to the  Doodle Bar  16th Nov! I'll be regurgitating it- talking about the who's, what's, where's and how I  come up with all these obscenities. My inspirations, what happened to me when I was young, deep and apparently meaning full stuff delivered with my own brand of humour. So if you were to scared to see a live show, now is your chance to just come look and listen very safely. You can even ask questions to my face. Follow everything all the time on   TWITTER & FACEBOOK! Love from Charlie Gates x