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Family Holiday: My Prison in Paradise

This is how I felt the entire time We were going on a highly anticipated, once in a lifetime, family+boyfriend holiday to Thailand, for one month over Christmas and New Year!!!!!   Luckily I won't be able to bore you with all my 'amazing traveling experiences'.... because I had none.                                                                D.I.S.A.S.T.E.R  It all went tit's up from day one. Turns out I'd booked my own mums name wrong on the ticket and she couldn't fly with us.... So my sister plus boyfriend and I had to wave her goodbye at Heathrow and hope she could get another flight soon. What kind of person gets their own mum's name wrong? My brother (lets call him Bill) had been in Thailand for 3 months and greeted us when we arrived, then together we headed to the getto of Bangkok to wait for mother. . Less than 24 hours later my boyfriend suddenly and quite spontaneously decides he desperately needs to go 'find himself' and aba


Today was a big day... CHARLIE TUESDAY GATES   The 3D Experience    I am now on Youtube where I shall be posting very random and off the cuff things that I do in the privacy of my own home. Today I did this...   Lizard Fingers After the worst holiday in Thailand ever I came back with a bag of squashed toads and a part decomposing lizard. Everyone was shocked when they saw the booty so I was lucky customs didn't catch me. I am also lucky that I left that place alive after totally insulting Buddha and the King himself via postcard customization. I sent out 27 postcards and so far only ten have made it back...   When I have the pictures I will tell the tail of how I escaped with my life.

Singing Badger

I'll let the badger explain what happened....   This Badger is called Clare Farrell. She's been on the T.V and is being loving looked after by her name sake.