Valentines day special. Not for the faint hearted

I have made some alternative valentines day cards with a slightly vulgar, meaty twist.  None of them are particularly romantic,  just honest.

Here's something you might give in a more casual relationship.
Roses sit on slabs of meat holding a power card.
And now here's the back:
Tart with a heart.

A mixed meat melody of chicken, ham and steak, fashioned into a penis-hiding behind a heart.

Some things just belong together.

Someone was excited to see you!
Ham and spring onions 

'Adventure Box'
Handcrafted & expensive.
This is a very complex card with a poem, collage and wisdom on the back. 
 Inset your own message above.
This is the poem I've included for you.
Your eye is then drawn to the collage below...
This is what an 'Adventure Box' might look like.
And this is the wisdom on the back.
If you can't read the text then here it is again:

'There was nothing to do but join in and get porked because who knows if there will be a tomorrow?'

Never a truer word spoken.
As we all know, the world is definitely going to end in 2012. Plant the seed of inspiration into someones head with this amorous suggestion.
 A pro-active approach to the love you deserve! 

Is it a man with balls or a chicken wearing a jacket? It's doubled ended comment either way.

This is The Valentines 2012 collection!!! Guaranteed to impress and woo any member of the opposite sex, sealing deals and changing lives 

 Money can buy that... or your money back

There are only nine IN THE WORLD but over the festive season I am doing a limited number of signed photocopies in both black&white and colour.
Now for your original handcrafted love token or limited edition signed photocopy. 


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