On the menu tonight- Urban Foxes!

Update: This evening I'm off to Peckham to pick up 2 Urban foxes which are pre and post-birthday gifts. Because of this freezer issue I need to get cracking and skinning TONIGHT. If anyone is on the off chance in Stamford Hill and wants to watch/record what goes on between 9-11pm get in touch.

Just to keep you informed, I have been banned from Facebook for posting inappropriate material- Long time coming if you ask me.

The good news is I am now the proud owner of 6 BABY LAMBS! After a pre-spring break to Dorset I managed to acquire 6 tiny and beautiful speckled baby lambs. There was barely any room in my chest freezer- squashing them in brought tears to my eyes. They deserved a better resting place but their time will come.

Love from
Charlie Gates


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