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So Much Bling I'm Blinded

Here is my current crowing glory. Yes it's the headpiece to end all headpieces. Ram's skull covered in a magpies wet dream. I'm working on some new pieces for a fashion shoot. They showed me a mood board and asked me to come up with some stuff....  'Yeah'- I thought-' Like that- BUT BETTER.' So here's the current best of the best.  If I could be a thing right now THIS would be it. I am so in love. More in love than anything ever before.. When the light hits it, the celling goes wild- like the whole ocean is reflected in the walls.  It is just amazing.   Failing being a headpiece, I will turn it into a sculpture. A creature that gives out so much dazzling light you can't even look at it. Here's some other creations specifically for the shoot: Canadian Goose wing necklace. Still needs to be twiddled with but you've got the essence.  'The Guille' Guillemot headpiece. It's nice to work on nice things. In