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Once again on the brink of extinction, my newest artistic venture was under threat of being wiped out.  But in the last nail biting hour it has been brought back from the dead, and i’ll be egging out my reign of good fortune for 3 more glorious weeks at SPACE Gallery , 6 West Street- Bristol The completely self proclaimed ‘Shop Of Amazement had been Bristols best kept secret. This weird wonderland of art studio/gallery come all round overwhelming-window-shopping experience was a destination unknown to most, but all who stumbled across it were left both amazed and terrified amongst the art and fabulous fashion Super niche dose not do it justice. People genuinely came for their weird stuff.  This ledgend stopped by to see if I had a horn. He wanted one like his bothers. Apparenly they had massive ones and he felt left out...So I attached this to his mast, and now he's the most powerful man on four wheels  :D Just one exsample of how I’ve been tr

RIP SHOP OF AMAZEMENT - January blues sale

Bristols best kept secret will be silenced by the end of the month…. I am closing my shop of amazement and art studio of wonder.  Sadly, a spontaneous water feature erupted from the ceiling and the leak has had devastating repercussions. So everything must go. My lifes’ work must be dispersed into the unknown.  It’s sad and it’s bad, but not a scratch on last year  when an utter shit storm blew full gale at  my life . After conceiving, creating and making the greatest cult musical that ever died , I started to sink quite spectacularly into in a whirling pit of despair. Cement had solidified my depression and the evaporated version of myself was trapped inside. I cried every day.   I always believed that when I turned 30, everything was going to be ok. 30 would mean I was a real person, that it would all fit into perfect place and harmony, and my life's work would be in full flow fruition.   Sadly the opposite happened.   Nothing was ok and everything was terrible. For