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Badgers Wanted

It's getting closer to the date when the countryside looses one of it's all time heroes. THE BADGER: This cull really does make absolutely no sense AT ALL. Badgers are wonderful, peaceful creatures and have been for thousands of years. Long may they continue to be so...but only with your help. . . . . . . . . . . . Science and the brain says badgers haven't really done anything differently and aren't the main offender in the TB scandal. It's an increase of cattle and their movements that's the problem, our taste for meat and milk would be another. Even if they cull 70% of the population it would only decrease the spread of disease by about 15 percent and it would be a hit and hope situation. We need to get to get together and stop Killing off the countryside. BADGERS WANTED: I'm in Dorset searching for badgers to sing their hearts out in my new performance. I put word

Tracy Emin's Bed mysteriously appears in Walthamstow

Tracy Emin's bed popped up in Walthamstow today. . . . You might be surprised to know that this isn't a genuine  Emin... It was me this morning doing a casual bit of guerrilla sculpture on the streets. Bringing contemporary art to the people. Not that anyone in Walthamstow will be able to tell. To the untrained eye it looks like a heap of shit but to the art observer this is clearly a take on the tuner prize winners greatest achievement.  'My Bed'  comes complete with old job center vacancies  beer cans, foil wraps, soiled underwear, cracked eggs,  Pall Mall, old food, savers tissues and general rubbish.   I left the scene of someone else's crime but I couldn't stop thinking about the bed potential so a few hours later I went back.  I see millions of rubbish on the streets, apart from I don't see rubbish- I see amazing potential!   To be honest, i'm a bit embarrassed sifting through remnants on the street, but today I didn't care

Taxidermy In Fashion

Taxidermy is very fashionable. . . It's been a snowball for about 4 years +. Aside from hideously confrontational artwork, I also make headpieces. I have tried to keep the pretty things separate from the obscene ones but have transfered my skills, making a couple of taxidermy headpiece's. Above is one I recently created out of a Wood-pigeon.  Magpie headpiece Mind Like Magpie More of my fashion creations can be found here I work on commission or you can hire. 

Animals Today- JESUS SPECAIL

Goodness me. My extra special baby sister found this simply stunning Bluetit. Technically it was the best Easter EVER. Even being tapped at home was fun. I decided to put my creative talents to good use and make a few art pieces around the house. This is Jordan aka Katie Price on my homemade cross. In each hand she holds a dinner but you can't see that very well. The sign reads 'The Real Jesus: Verdict- GUILTY!' Found in Chat magazine.    I'm not really sure what they are about but I was totally inspired this Easter.  Not only did my mother actually get me my first Easter egg on actual Easter day, but we also had the most amazing lunch including vegan   tiramisu  and chesseless cheesecake. Even the nut loaf was more than edible.  My mum has been collecting eggs for years. This is one tiny fishtank full. Eventually I ran out of steam and decided to go and find some animals.  Such funny things.  This time last year.....