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The last Taboo: DONE TO DEATH

 Grayson Perry recently said that the last taboo was armpit hair. Well.... what about armpit hair AND death- yeah..What about it? D.I.Y Taxidermy VII CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE?  A live and interactive taxidermy performance where we skin and stuff an animal LIVE using only what you have lying around the house. A cross between Blue Peter and an insane game show where YOU can WIN! Win real life dead artwork and the chance to immortalise a creature we have grown to know and love. GIVE THEM WHAT THEY WANT! Including a live band (B.Y.O ROADKILL) Me and Douglas as a young girl So...... I skinned my beloved cat Douglas whom I've kept in the freezer for 15 years ( I always knew I would bring him back to life one's what he would have wanted), in front of a live audience. This is the 7th instalment of D.I.Y.T and to be honest I've gone a bit mental. On purpose.  Pulling out bigger and bigger stops, bigger tits, bigger explosions, more gore....Over sens