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D.I.Y TAXIDERMY 6:   THROW THE BOOK AWAY at  The Book Club  Oct 30th  8pm Bringing together science, intuition and disturbing curiosity, Charlie Tuesday Gates takes an audience through her D.I.Y taxidermy process LIVE     Delivered in a 'shopping channel' style, e mphasis is  heavily  on the D.I.Y aspect with  Gates  giving you handy  hints & tips for using   basic, everyday objects,  where to source  animal   parts legally & personal preservation methods. D emonstrating  that  you really can do it yourself, a t home with just the things you have in your cupboards.  Described as a cross between the shopping channel and Blue Peter, t his performance is a completely unique insight into a seemingly dark art and mind of an artist. Where t he audience are encouraged to participate and generally be involved in the creation of a new artwork. There will be life , there will be death and there most definitely will be PRIZES !!! But the

D.I.Y Taxidermy, Artist Talk and Jordans Pussy Exclusive with the W.I

I was asked to do a talk at the W.I Dalston Darlings last month. They were searching for inspirational woman and apparently I was one of them. I completely forgot until the day before so had done no prep or advertising but by the time I started the room was bursting at the seams with young woman so I had no reason to stress no one would come.  I did a little talk, a lot of talking really and then we got cracking with an exclusive: Jordan's Pussy- a dried out cat carcass put in the pose of a cat (and Jordan on her beach catalog shoot) which we would dress for the first time since it had been skinned. This went down a storm and every body wanted a piece.    The cat's out the bag  Nice to see everybody getting stuck in   There was also a small improvised D.I.Y Taxidermy demo done on the lid of my spills kit. I had 3 blind mice and 3 lady's all having a stab on the smallest surface there could have been They were

FUCK YOU DEBUT CONTEMPORARY: Debut contemporary complaints Samir Ceric

A long time ago now I signed up for a 'mentoring scheme' with a gallery in Notting Hill.  Would you trust a  modelling  agency who got you to pay upfront with the promise of unlimited work and ultimate success? Definitely not. If it sounds to good to be true, if you are even the tiny bit suspicious and have to part with money- Don’t do it.We all know these things are scams. So why was it so different in my case? I went to my audition with a   decomposing fox   in a suitcase(Fox In A Box). Pretty hardcore for a gallery in Notting Hill. My work was clearly of a confrontational nature, but amazingly that didn’t seem to matter. With a sound recorder thrust up my top and camera man recording everything that was said, I got through the rigorous audition process and instantly badgered into handing over a large deposit. Did I choose my rent or the apparent chance of a lifetime? An offer seemingly too good to turn down. I wanted to believe everything they promised…..and the dep

TOP 5 U.K Taxidermsists

According to hugely reliable resources at   I am one of the top 5 U.K taxidermists: TOP 5 UK TAXIDERMISTS Very funny article: "Charlie Tuesday Gates Newly well known UK Taxidermist Charlie Thursday Gateways not only generates her own perform through the method of taxidermy, she also serves frequent DIY Taxidermy activities where those fascinated are welcomed to get some hands on face in the strange world of pet carnation. She is another UK Taxidermist who will be displaying her encounter at 2012’s Brighton Fashion week with a discuss. While the artist’s perform is not quite attractive it is under no circumstances boring." If that's not something to believe I don't know what is.  Next D.I.Y Taxidermy LIVE show coming up in October. "You certainly won't be bored!"