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Near Death Experience on tour- The Vestibules

I've been given this magical golden unicorn to ride The Mary Poppins of pop-ups has pulled it out the bag and  I’ll be legally setting up camp for 3 weeks in The City Hall with a  weird wonderland of art, taxidermy and fabulous fashion pieces.  Amazingly,  The Mayor of Bristol has opened two new arts spaces, and i'm one of The Vestibules first residents.  For the last month you could wittiness my wears at SPACE gallery. A glorious spot right on the Old Market highway. These guys and gals at Artspace Lifespace  completely saved my bacon when my most recent artistic venture in Stokes Croft went up the shitter-   R.I.P Stokes Croft Art studio/ gallery and pop-up shop of amazement and wonder September 2016- Jan 2017  I had 3 days to turn an exhibition around. The job was pretty enormous, the time touching cloth, but it happened and t he show was a storm. People came from miles around for their own Near Death Experience. ... Af

Still Lives- Dublin Gallery X 17 Feb- 11 March

Keep your eyes and minds open if you're visiting Dublin this March, as  Irelands first Rouge Taxidermy exhibition features  "three of Europe's most accomplished rogue taxidermists under one roof..." That means me. Ha. Press Release GalleryX is excited to present the first collective exhibition of rogue taxidermy art to be shown in Ireland. "Rogue taxidermy  is a term first used in 2004 to describe a fine art movement that creates mixed media sculptures using the traditional materials of taxidermy or referencing taxidermy and the preservation of bodies.  This exhibition will bring three of Europe's most accomplished rogue taxidermists under one roof for the first time, together with the work of two photographers whose practice is centred around the portraiture of and our relationship with dead animals. As an art form, rogue taxidermy has a strong ethical element, of celebration of the  lives  of animals. By only using found animal car