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Jordan's Pussy

Dried out pussy at the Modern Panic exhibtion. The gallery man sent a text which read "The piece formally known as Jordan's Pussy is leaking- It's a little disturbing...what should I do?" Here's the picture that inspired my mind- Uncanny isn't it. I'm going to tell a story about how it came about but it's not going to be very nice so if you like cats you probably won't like this..... One evening in May my mother and I were driving home. Suddenly I started to scream. To my amazement, surprise and despair, there by the side of the road appeared to be the most magnificent feline I had ever seen! Recently hit, the only obviously mark was to the head and a slightly bloodied tong, rigamortis was just setting in and his eyes hadn't gone cloudy yet. He was huge! Someone had obviously loved him very much. But what is the right thing to do................................?  I decided to write a note and say I buried it then quickly bundled the cat int


Three crudely preserved lambs stood silently on garish Astroturf topped plinths for 2 weeks at the recent Modern Panic exhibition. It was rather fittingly at the old abattior in Farringdon. Loads of great artists involved.  SILENCE OF THE LAMBS was better in the flesh and also when penned into their (yet to be made) vitrines. Damien  This poor creature died mysteriously. All was well the night before but the next day he was out cold. No noticeable signs of anything suspicious. After skinning and filling with expanding foam, I sliced him in three and Damien was born.  Expanding foam is pretty volatile stuff. Massive growth like forms erupted from where I snagged the skin. However there was minimal damage and he filled out quite nicely. The amazing thing about Damien is his tail is pre-docked and poor balls are in the middle of being suffocated off. Horny things were just starting to form, leaving two empty circles in his forehead when I cut them out. Half a plastic water bottle rep


Raffle tickets I knocked up for  LIFE! DEATH! PRIZES!   Part of the 4th LIVE D.I.Y taxidermy event Lucky ticket buyers had the chance to win a deer's foot attached to the end is a grater (this foot was found whilst going through the gamery bin, that's where they put them when they get chopped off). 1st prize was a freshly stuffed rabbit and these indervidual collages in nice little frames.  is where you can read all about it. At the next live taxidermy - ' LIFE! DEATH! PRIZES!' is going to be even better, with even bigger and wilder prizes....  If you couldn't believe your eyes before, you won't have any after this.


Completely forgotten to mention this!  49 Artists plus myself starting 5th June Private view 4th June Rest of the world until the 12th At the old abattoir! How fittings that! The pieces I've included are.... The Lambinator Number 11 Damien Brought together for the first time in SILENCE OF THE LAMBS The Lambinator Also appearing dead 'Jordan's Pussy' but has also been known as '"That's My Cat!" Special thanks to James Elphick All at Guerrilla Zoo, obviously the other artists and the incredible people who really help me out pretty much all of the time. Go here for better artist information: And then come see the show!