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Mind Like Magpie

Some old works are being shown  HERE  at the Menier Gallery . Some works that are in the show are not depicted here so it will be a surprise for you if you go. Water From the Moon 'This represents the yearning from the artist for the impossible and the quest for immortality. Featuring work from young artists exploring the mediums of collage, paint, feathers, taxidermy, new sculptural works. and video; mostly revolving around the themes of death, loss and memory; creating a personal world where beauty, death and the promise of immortality collide. Some material may shock and disturb.' Mind Like Magpie See you there!

New sculptures. Works in progress.

We are moving house again so I spent a night clearing all the stuff I don't do out the way. It dawned on me that this space will be gone in a few weeks and I needed to make something physical- - Take what exists in the world and play with it. After clearing more space I found my long lost materials. Things I have collected over the years, broken, displaced, lost, discarded objects. All weird, old and dirty.  I was happy to see them.  Work in progress Surreal fist tank. It's a cross between a sundial, astrological birth chart and dowsing pendulum.  Still lots of work to be done on all 3. Who knows how they will turn out.  The parrot hanging from the dartboard used to be a great bird. I came home one day to see my mother had made a fire. I noticed that something was different about the garden- Where was the brightly painted parrot with the incredible wingspan that I had loved all my life?!!?!  I ran outside towards the fire and there, on the top where his charred reamins