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Look What The Stork Brung!

Today I had a brain spasm. I've been busy. Recently I've been really busy. Mostly being busy means moving things round my studio but today I was moving them more productively than usual. 'Look What the Stork Brung’ is stuff I have been working on separately, little individual pieces that were independent to each other- that I joined up. That day my mind was working and things fitted into place so perfectly. I got such a massive rush! It was so weird. 5 bloody years of keeping and collecting and in 5 minutes I had pieced all the links together to make it work like a well-oiled visual machine!  I was buzzing! I was buzzing internally so hard you wouldn't believe! That ultimate moment of creation and compleation and release was like drinking coffee reeeeealy quickly that was super strong with loads of sugar to boot.  Having all that going on inside and being in the space and the moment of silence and stillness- it was beautiful. Oh god I wish you

Art Apparently

Th is bat hroom suit was 2 weeks worth of personally dripped wax. 2005 final piece at Bournemouth Arts Institute. After the show I left the toilet in a bush and set the sink up in the girls loos.    Confessional: I wipped this up in 2006 quickly before a critt whilst doing my degree. A strange thing happened., I took a step back and wittness that I had indeed put a cumming bird box on top of a fabric penis,  A stroke of luck in my direction.  Eye Bowl ' Bloody love this guy. He looks like himself. These are c alled Pubes. You may have some yourself. These are min e   'A Whole New World' Close up of my finger with a spot I picked and squeezed. Blood and some clear stuff came out but I don't know what it is.   'Mind Like a Magpie' I brought loads of bits of magpies off the internet, wings, feet- The usual. I got thinking about their heads. No one was selling magpie heads... but they must exist if I could buy everything