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Near Death Experience - Living forever.

My Near Death Experience has been extended- AGAIN! By popular demand, Bristols best pop-up shop and art experience will continue it's  reign  of terror and triumph at The City Hall throughout April.  The exhibition seems to be living forever but there is a Dead End in sight- You have until May 1st to be enchanted by a world of magic and mysticism, bringing you closer than ever to our greatest fears and otherworldly desires through twisted gothic surrealism-Both hilarious and tragic. The City Hall has been a fabulous exhibition space and I have been incredibly lucky to have had such a good run of bad luck. This past year has seen me tossed from one space to the next as i've inadvertently become  strapped onto a waltzer in a furious cyclone of boundless uncertainty. I've ended up in some great spaces, but after this one finishes, I am once again on the road to oblivion.    I am an artist in the eternal frying pan-  Tossed from one