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I was asked to do a D.I.Y Taxidermy talk/demonstration at this event. THRILLING WONDER STORIES A t the Architectural Asscoiation. LIVE in NEW YORK & LONDON Read all about it in this article  by   The Guardian '.....  This is the Architectural Association's third annual speculative sci-fi-inspired design jam, where architects are invited to think way out of the box, their imaginations cross-fertilised by "mad scientists, literary astronauts, design mystics, graphic cowboys, mavericks, visionaries and luminaries". They're not joking. Guests in London this Friday and Saturday (there's a parallel event in New York) include Vincenzo Natali , director of warped sci-fi movies Cube and Splice, author Bruce Sterling , taxidermy artist  Charlie Tuesday Gates (hosting a live workshop) and special effects supremo Andy Lockley , the man who folded up Paris in Christopher Nolan's  Inception , among other feats. It's the shape of things to come, you know.

TIME OUT Halloween specail-Lives less ordinary

Time Out came round. Alexi Duggins and photographer R ob Greig to be precise. Together Alexi and I skinned a magpie and chatted about what, why, how- the in's and out's of it all. And here's the finished article. My studio, 'Number 11' and me on page 12.  A better version will appear one day spontaneously. The magpie is now a beautiful headpiece.  More beautiful creations here.... Mind Like Magpie

PHOTOS: D.I.Y Taxidermy at Corsica Studio

10 lucky people were picked at random for a special workshop with me.  When the guests arrived they got to choose their new pet. In 2 hours, we skinned and stuffed our new fury friends. Rabbits WHERE DID THEY COME FROM? Number 11. Rescued from a skip during lambing season. 'SILENCE OF THE LAMBS' LIFE, DEATH, PRIZES! Previously on Life, Death and Prizes... Massive Katie Price fan. See ' Jordan's Pussy'   Exotic Pets in the D.I.Y Taxidermy Workshop Overall the workshop went well. These ten students really embraced the D.I.Y ethos - Using untraditional methods, inexpensive and accessible materials, we embarked on our journey through life and death... It was a bit like an after school club. They were fantastic, a joy to teach! Look at those smiles! However the rabbits I had brought from the internet to stuff were in appalling condition. I felt hideous about it. These creatures were intended to be fed to exotic pets like large snakes, but the

What It Said On The Tin.....

The D.I.Y Taxidermy show was  FULL ON. Described as: '' Intense'  Morris Wild ' Truly awe inspiring and amazing!!! ' Jack Wilkinson Having to do a workshop back to back with a show was heavy. The most intense 9 hours of my life. Very stressful- a bit like internal bleeding. I said some pretty funny stuff (funny in my head) but maybe my humour was too in the future sometimes with these extreme jokes...Jokes like the fact I don't like to wear gloves because it's like wearing a condom- you can't feel anything- 'Fox in a Box' The other classic was a response to someone asking where this taxidermy started and I replied that it could have come from me accidently burying my gerbils alive...... or seeing my friend having sex with a dog- Was this too far? If you look at it in the sense that it was a PERFORMANCE f rom a crazy subsitute teacher who was really an artist  then it was spot on. Spot on in the fact that it made no sense and it was the r