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Crowd funding Q&A with Theatre Bubble

Theatre Bubble got in touch to ask some questions about how to make a successfully crowd funded project. It would seem my fund raising efforts did not go unnoticed and Sing For Your Life and it's believers have been featured on various websites as complete success storys :D " Sing For Your Life  is perhaps the perfect example: created by a reputed international sculpture artist without a background in theatre, it paired puppetry with taxidermy pets to create political theatre perfection. Having won awards and acclaim at the Vault Festival, it went on to raise £5,400 ..... " ".. Even amongst new work by internationally acclaimed companies such as Complicite and GECKO,  Sing For Your Life  stands out as one of the most memorable highlights of the Edinburgh Fringe, and the most genuinely effective piece of political theatre I have witnessed to date – "  Here's the full interview:

Dogging and Dead Dreams

Sooo....what the hell have I been doing for all these months?   Last year was a  stomach churning, ball busting roller coaster of dreams coming true…  On the actual surface of reality,  I got a lot of serious shit done. If I had met Katie Price too, then maybe there would have been no more reasons to live.  . After years of talking (shit) the talk, telling people I’m making an all singing, all dancing dead animal musical … I actually did it. My dreams came true too. Not only did it come true, but I smashed it. selling out, winning awards at Vault and Edinburgh Fringe festival, including best new show, pick of the week and finalist for the Sustainable Practice award… - Without studying music, theatre or even taxidermy… Ha Last year was indeed a good year. But after all this work, with mostly every moment being filled with intensity to achieve...I accidentally had a rest and suddenly, everything came to an abrupt halt.  Once realised, my dream, well, it di

Katie Price

I've had a long, long love affair with Katie Price since I first noticed her assets as a teenager. I've been tracking her progress ever since, and have made many, many artworks devoted to her.  If I saw her in the reals, I would probabaly cry.       O nce, we even shared a search engine page.   On the 29th of Dec, one of my life longs dreams was on the brink of coming true. Katie Price was performing in a pantomime as the Evil Queen- In Woking! Obviously no one wanted to come to come with me, but that didn’t matter- I like doing stuff on my own :D I found the The Victoria Theatre at the top of a multi-story shopping centre. It’s an awful place full of awful people with awful things to buy, but was obviously the perfect setting for meeting a pioneer of superficiality. Arriving early and practically gurning with excitement,  I got my tickets…. I desperately wanted to ask the ticket lady if Katie would be around to sign anyth