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Goodbye Cruel World

Unfortunately, due to a series of the most unfortunate and catastrophic events smashing wildly and unexpectedly into each other- I have had to cancel the show. The Greatest Show That Ever Died, remains dead.               The universe has dealt some devastating blows in a whole variety of situations, and sadly this is one of them. To be able to live as I do in London, I need to not be paying rent. I found a way to do this through house sitting. Sometimes you’re living the dream, other times it’s sofa surfing, squat life and tinder dates. As well as my tempestuous sleeping arrangements, I have also been secretly struggling for a creative reason to live. For a while now, I have been slowly slipping into an uphill battle with a whirling pit of despair. Nothing was moving, everything was stuck. Most things felt lost. The only real joy and sanctuary was my art studio, which was generously donated to me a few years ago by The Vaults. No matter what was going on, I could alwa