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The knock from below.

I’ve had a shocking time to be honest.  The storm I thought I had weathered got worse. There came a knock from below when I thought I couldn’t get any lower and I had to return home the beginning of this year due to the death of my Father, Nicky.   In the months that followed I had to end a relationship and have been technically homeless and very very lost. Creativity has always been my way to escape but there has been no flow, no escape and a lot of darkness. With no light to grow and no air to breath I have been suffocating for a long time.   I tried in Bristol but even the stars said it was going to be a pretty shite time and basically to not bother. Life started to feel like swimming through sand and I was very sad with my perceived underachievement’s in the city... I did become a lesbian though, which was a good life achievement. Finding love is problely one of life's greatest. With permission from the universe to get the fuck out of here, I dec