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A Chicken Walks into a Bar- Stand-Up Comedy Animation Script.

This month I've been mostly getting into the mind of a Chicken. Seems easy as their brains are so small. I was thinking about a Stand-up Comedy show written by a Chicken, for Chickens.  I wanted to make their awful lives hilarious. " Environmental comedy"  That seems to be my new buzz word for things like this. It's pretty niche.  "COMEDY CHICKEN is completely plucked, on the grey side of pink and naked apart from a medallion saying 'Sexy' covering an injury to its neck. He has a deep South Kentucky accent and struts with jerks and juices like he owns the place. He's jolly but tainted by the life he's lived." The character is expanded from that taxidermy musical I wrote in my hey-day 'Sing For Your Life' Back in the day maaaate. Chicken Stand-Up Comedy -IDEAS - Ohhhhh my favourite game! I put a call out for funnies, jokes and one-liners to my online audience. I got some good response to lube the imaginary lines but my personal executi