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Britts Abroad (S.O.S: Sisters on Safari)

My sister and I went on the most ridiculous all inclusive holiday in Mallorca. It was bonkers. We had our mouths open from start to finish. It was the epitome of the Britt’s abroad anti culture we have grown to know and loathe. There was nothing Spanish about 853 room super resort, strait out the 70’s and so were the people. All there was to do was eat and drink and secretly take pictures of the animals at the zoo… St’ terracotta was THE colour of the holiday.  Some people actually blended in with the furniture.  Dehydrated prune was a status symbol. The only way to blend in was to become one with the lobster Mullet Mayhem A genuine christening My favourite pair of lesbians. . . The entertainment consisted of failed actors and impersonators seemingly brought back from the dead. Cruise ship style singers topped off with token mullets playing the last few decades ‘hit’s while the audience drowned out the drones of the casio keyboard, at it’s bes