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Killer Cabaret

It’s the news everyone has been waiting for….   The notorious taxidermy animal puppets are back to sing for their lives, as the creator of the greatest show that ever died brings you a brand new cabaret direct from the underworld. . . Ignominious artist Charlie Tuesday Gates has scraped up roadkill, bought deceased dogs from gumtree and revived the family pet to create the ultimate subversive theatre experience. It feels like they've spent an eternity in the freezer, but finally, Foxy, Badger and the gang are back from the dead, singing their smash hits based on the true stories of the animals miserable lives… This is a brand new show- crude, rude and brutal.   Guaranteed to be the night of anybody's life.. The ultimate subversive theatre experience. . . The Resistance Gallery 236 Poyser Street, Bethnal Green 7pm Who knows when you'll hear the dead sing again .... TICKETS: FACEBOOK Twitter:@_sing4

A Window To My Soul at The Last Tuesday Society

My weird stuff will be popping up in The Last Tuesday Societies window. Sunday 6th March happens to be Mothers day...So if your mum likes gin and weird dead things, she'll probabaly have the best time ever. Viktor Wynd has the most stunning collection of curio, taxidermy and hardcore art, and finally me and my namesake have been united- In one glorious window to my soul, to dreams and to nightmares. To be honest it's not that 'nightmarish'. The window display is actually pretty, well- pretty. There's hints of darkness, but mostly it's just odd. Oddly beautiful. Gin and tings from 3pm Wear a hat. 


When I heard the devastating news, the only words that came out of my mouth were ‘fuck’ For 6 hours. It was like I had fuck tourettes. I physically couldn’t help it. FUCK. I'd just found out I had to evacuate my studio in the cavernous wonder tunnels that are hiding underneath Waterloo station. My heart, suddenly ripped out and thrown somewhere desperately unpleasant, had stopped beating. I'd lost my love. I’ve lived and loved many spaces; Places that make your hairs stand on end. Spaces so deep and dark you feel totally alone, and nothing in the world can touch, or stop you. The Vaults was one such space. When I first walked through those damp tunnels, I felt at home. Spiritually at home. Apparently they even used to keep the dead bodys there... Perfect.  I loved the smell, I loved the decay, I loved the weird noises and trains grumbling above my head comfortingly,  reminding me that time was real. I happened there after an invitation to exhibit in their g