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EXHIBITION: Supernatual Fears Other Worldly Desires

The fabulous Edwardian Cloakroom/Toilet will be the host of my first exhibition in Bristol. It's been a looong time coming and I have some new work to show for it.  WOAH. After a large chunk of life being taken over by singing, dancing dead animals   spreading enlightenment and comic genius, I hit a shit storm of whirling  creative despair.  But now i'm  bouncing  back to doing what I do best- Making some really beautifully scary stuff. Dead Pretty Shamefully I haven't made an  official  piece of sculpture for over 2 years.  But after moving away and having no friends, I got my head down. Without all the hassle, noise and constant distractions, objects began talking to me again and I  accidentally  started making new work.  It all started with this guy He was just a lonely skull face, shoved in the corner watching over me for years. . .Then one day he started making noises. He started telling me he wanted a new face... and a crown.    Sometimes