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Near Death Experience - Living forever.

My Near Death Experience has been extended- AGAIN! By popular demand, Bristols best pop-up shop and art experience will continue it's  reign  of terror and triumph at The City Hall throughout April.  The exhibition seems to be living forever but there is a Dead End in sight- You have until May 1st to be enchanted by a world of magic and mysticism, bringing you closer than ever to our greatest fears and otherworldly desires through twisted gothic surrealism-Both hilarious and tragic. The City Hall has been a fabulous exhibition space and I have been incredibly lucky to have had such a good run of bad luck. This past year has seen me tossed from one space to the next as i've inadvertently become  strapped onto a waltzer in a furious cyclone of boundless uncertainty. I've ended up in some great spaces, but after this one finishes, I am once again on the road to oblivion.    I am an artist in the eternal frying pan-  Tossed from one

Near Death Experience on tour- The Vestibules

I've been given this magical golden unicorn to ride The Mary Poppins of pop-ups has pulled it out the bag and  I’ll be legally setting up camp for 3 weeks in The City Hall with a  weird wonderland of art, taxidermy and fabulous fashion pieces.  Amazingly,  The Mayor of Bristol has opened two new arts spaces, and i'm one of The Vestibules first residents.  For the last month you could wittiness my wears at SPACE gallery. A glorious spot right on the Old Market highway. These guys and gals at Artspace Lifespace  completely saved my bacon when my most recent artistic venture in Stokes Croft went up the shitter-   R.I.P Stokes Croft Art studio/ gallery and pop-up shop of amazement and wonder September 2016- Jan 2017  I had 3 days to turn an exhibition around. The job was pretty enormous, the time touching cloth, but it happened and t he show was a storm. People came from miles around for their own Near Death Experience. ... Af