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Porn Star in India

Some people will find all of these images offensive and possibly arousing. The Sword In The Stone During my 3 months in India, I sent over 90 indecent postcards, got through 3 Kama Sutra Books, 2 books on historical monuments, 5 glue sticks and 3 rolls of Sellotape.   For a country famed for the Kama Sutra and temples so intricately carved with all manor of marvelous sexual endeavors, Indians are frighteningly repressed. Even holding hands is disrespectful/looked down upon. There is no affection, no obvious love. Arranged marriage is the norm and so is finding babies in bushes born out of wedlock. As an Indian woman, your duty is to serve your husband, keep quite, look good and do what you are told ('*@%$**!*') Not something I'm used to. 'Alfresco Pest-o'  A western female traveler is a very curious thing. The only reference and context they have seen woman in is through porn. Apparently that's a fact and any item of clothing that even suggests t

Silent Mediation Prison : VIPASSANA

India is, to put it bluntly- A shit hole. It's a complete dump. It is a steaming cesspit. Bursting at the seams with the most incredible sights, sounds and smells you can’t even imagine. You just couldn’t make it up- even if you had an amazing imagination you still wouldn’t touch the sides of what India is really like. Beautiful- destructive. Intriguingly terrifying. Vibrant, colorful, FULL ON. Its like everybody in the world is there and they don't give a shit. They'll just have one in front of you. Nothing is hidden.  It is exciting, it is marvelous, it is spontaneous and it is inventive. How it works at all is beyond me- Anything really is possible even if everything is held together by bits of string. Your heart will burst with both the great and the unholy-  India will break you and it will make you.   However much I loved India- 3 months of t he non-stop noise, constant attention and pollution from the entire worlds production line was getting a bit