Brighton Fashion Week and other interesting stories

June 2nd at 2pm I will be spilling my guts at Brighton Fashion Week. How the hell does a normal person end up wanting to get to know the insides of an animal? Why on earth would anyone want to spend their time with rotting carcasses...? Well, I won't go that far but I will be explaining myself in no uncertain and terrifying terms.  I link to one of their designers- And if you didn't know, I am a designer myself; making head pieces and accessories out of the abandoned and useless, turning them into something beautiful and desired again. Mind Like Magpie 30th/31 I will be at The Lost Lectures entertaining and educating anyone who wants to have a stab at D.I.Y Taxidermy themselves. And here's a selection of pictures to keep you up to date with my studios continuos evolution.  Email and I will be happy to show you where the magic happens. Before anyone goes crazy about how cruel this is, these came from the butchers

Lost Lectures 30th/31st May

At the the upcoming  Lost Lectures  event I will be providing interactive interval entertainment with D.I.Y Taxidermy workshops. Giving you the tools and confidence to take life into your own hands, at home, with the things you have in your cupboards. A seemingly very light hearted approach to a very serious subject... Life is the most precious gift of all and shouldn't be needlessly wasted. All animals used for artwork have either died of natural causes, been rescued from gamery's, the side of the road or left to rot in stinking bins, all tossed away as if their lives meant nothing. Life is cheap and these beautiful creatures should mean more. This is by no means traditional taxidermy but a brief insite into the work and mind of an artist, a performance/demonstation that will have you re-examine your impact on what happens to life after death....

News in Pictures

Apparently the photographer who came by on Monday got photo of the day at Reuters. Here's one that made it into the  INDEPENDENT   news in pictures section FACEBOOK:tuesdaygates TWITTER: goodnessgates


  My work ended up on some terrible social media website. These beautiful moments and pictures were completely misrepresented, their significance lost amongst such comment buttons as ‘WTF’ ‘EWE’ ‘LOL’ ‘FAIL’ ‘WIN’ etc. If you have read the article and comments then here's someone with something intelligent to say: ' This is a shocking visualisation of a text that many many Christians might otherwise neglect. Thing is, lambs are cute. And beautiful. And innocent. The crime against Christ was not beautiful, as we might see it - as we might be accustomed to the image of a crucifix from churches or old art books. The crime against Christ was brutal and cruel and evil. This image of a real lamb strung up as a man crucified helps to shock the eyes to the stark terror of the event.'  '... It is so striking; the aspect of religiosity and life made me stop and think..... It's been a while since i've seen art that truly interests me, thanks!' 'NEED

Like A Lamb to the Slaughter. Easter special.

Like a Lamb to the Slaughter I had arranged for some people to come round. They just wanted to see what I got up to on my day off, take some picture ect.  I was planning on using a hare (it being Easter and all) but the only thing that was budging was a lamb.  I was planning on crucifying it before I knew about Gunther Von Hagens and his idea of taking a dead body to the Pope.  These baby lambs died of natural causes soon after birth.  Sinking feeling I decided not to wash the blood out. It's the harsh, stark  reminder of the brutality.  I then turned the spot light on and...

Open Studio...All the time

Finally I have a place to work! A former care home in E17. I have taken over their old treatment room. Come and have a look (By appointment only)   Whilst relocating, my freezer accidentally opened and the removal man threatened to call the police... I had to calm this terrified  Bulgarian down and eventually persuade him that I am not weird and everything is completely normal. This was the type of thing that was in it. I rescued 2 deer skins still with their heads attached from a bin in Dorset. They have frozen to resemble a squashed car. Kate Moss I am trying to fashion this rabbit carcass into the shape of Kate Moss in that Marc Quinn sculpture. Still needs a bit of work. There will be intimate art lessons and D.I.Y Taxidermy workshops at my new studio. I am offering the opportunity to guide you though a creative process and in a few hours you will be taken through the in’s and outs of a bird or mammal, giving you the knowledge and the confidence to do it yourself

Guild of Taxidermist conference 2012

2 nights in Derby saw me mingling with the big dogs of the taxidermy world. I ate breakfast lunch and dinner with the first genuine taxidermists I’ve ever met. Serious stuffing. On my first night I found myself having dinner with ‘The Mozart of fish taxidermy’- Matthias Fahrni; Who gave us lectures on the fine art of fish and their immaculate preservation. Matthias Fahrni Fish isn’t my bag but his enthusiasm and extreme dedication to perfection was incredible. He and his wife were lovely.  We talked about Switzerland and his wife tried to convince me not to bother with this veganism stuff over some custard chat. I held as firm as the film on the custard. It was refreshing to be in a place where you can talk about road kill and it not be weird. We were all one. Obviously I kept my true artistic identity secret. I am an artist not a taxidermist- But for one weekend I absorbed their knowledge and power. If they new there was an impostor in their midst, I would have been hung, drawn a