Guild of Taxidermist conference 2012

2 nights in Derby saw me mingling with the big dogs of the taxidermy world. I ate breakfast lunch and dinner with the first genuine taxidermists I’ve ever met. Serious stuffing. On my first night I found myself having dinner with ‘The Mozart of fish taxidermy’- Matthias Fahrni; Who gave us lectures on the fine art of fish and their immaculate preservation.

Matthias Fahrni
Fish isn’t my bag but his enthusiasm and extreme dedication to perfection was incredible. He and his wife were lovely.  We talked about Switzerland and his wife tried to convince me not to bother with this veganism stuff over some custard chat. I held as firm as the film on the custard.

It was refreshing to be in a place where you can talk about road kill and it not be weird. We were all one.

Obviously I kept my true artistic identity secret. I am an artist not a taxidermist- But for one weekend I absorbed their knowledge and power. If they new there was an impostor in their midst, I would have been hung, drawn and quartered.
Everyone was very serious about the subject. They were like proper fine artist photo-realism types and I’m a wee bit more abstract with my subject matter….

Anyway-it was good. Even though it felt like being the new girl at school, I braved the rave, made friends I will be back next year with a moustache.  


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