Brighton Fashion Week and other interesting stories

June 2nd at 2pm I will be spilling my guts at Brighton Fashion Week.
How the hell does a normal person end up wanting to get to know the insides of an animal? Why on earth would anyone want to spend their time with rotting carcasses...? Well, I won't go that far but I will be explaining myself in no uncertain and terrifying terms.  I link to one of their designers- And if you didn't know, I am a designer myself; making head pieces and accessories out of the abandoned and useless, turning them into something beautiful and desired again.
30th/31 I will be at The Lost Lectures entertaining and educating anyone who wants to have a stab at D.I.Y Taxidermy themselves.
And here's a selection of pictures to keep you up to date with my studios continuos evolution.  Email and I will be happy to show you where the magic happens.
Before anyone goes crazy about how cruel this is, these came from the butchers in Dalston. They have wheely bins full of them. Go and see for yourself where your food comes from and goes to. 
So now these heads are going to be the star of a new sculpture or could end up seeing you at Secret Garden festival.

This poor guy looks like he was really annoying when he was alive. Now he's going to be the silent but violent type. ...

There is nothing more disgusting than having your hands wrapped around cold, dead soggy chicken heads. In fact I remember when I first started experimenting with taxidermy- it was with chicken heads. I was repulsed by what I was doing but also strangely compelled to do it. I remeber my friend walked into the kitchen one day and asked me what I was doing? I told her I was pulling the eyes out of a chicken...and then offered her a yogurt. Unsurprisingly she said no.

*I have been banned from Facebook for publishing obscene and offensive material-Again.Jesus if you could see what I do in the privacy of my own home....!   If this ever happens again (which i'm sure it will), I always revert to Twitter so you can always be with me. 


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