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Finally I have a place to work! A former care home in E17. I have taken over their old treatment room. Come and have a look (By appointment only)

Whilst relocating, my freezer accidentally opened and the removal man threatened to call the police... I had to calm this terrified Bulgarian down and eventually persuade him that I am not weird and everything is completely normal.

This was the type of thing that was in it.
I rescued 2 deer skins still with their heads attached from a bin in Dorset. They have frozen to resemble a squashed car.
Kate Moss
I am trying to fashion this rabbit carcass into the shape of Kate Moss in that Marc Quinn sculpture. Still needs a bit of work.
There will be intimate art lessons and D.I.Y Taxidermy workshops at my new studio.

I am offering the opportunity to guide you though a creative process and in a few hours you will be taken through the in’s and outs of a bird or mammal, giving you the knowledge and the confidence to do it yourself, at home , with the things you have in your kitchen cupboard.

An obsession with collecting led me to making bizarre and surreal sculptures out of others dissuaded lives and forgotten memories.

After teaching myself taxidermy, I brought this seemingly dark art to the stage
 for the first time with live D.I.Y Taxidermy performances, opening up the previously very private and personal world of an artist.

Price includes:
Equipment/tools and basic preservation materials.
Plus special B.Y.O Road-kill discount rates (please let me know what these things are for legalities). All being well you should be able to take your new fury friend back home that day.

***All animals used been sourced ethically and every animal that died was of natural causes or a result of the agricultural industry.
 Contact for more information.


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