A Chicken Walks into a Bar- Stand-Up Comedy Animation Script.

This month I've been mostly getting into the mind of a Chicken. Seems easy as their brains are so small. I was thinking about a Stand-up Comedy show written by a Chicken, for Chickens.  I wanted to make their awful lives hilarious. "Environmental comedy" That seems to be my new buzz word for things like this. It's pretty niche. 

"COMEDY CHICKEN is completely plucked, on the grey side of pink and naked apart from a medallion saying 'Sexy' covering an injury to its neck. He has a deep South Kentucky accent and struts with jerks and juices like he owns the place. He's jolly but tainted by the life he's lived."

The character is expanded from that taxidermy musical I wrote in my hey-day 'Sing For Your Life'

Back in the day maaaate.

Chicken Stand-Up Comedy -IDEAS- Ohhhhh my favourite game!

I put a call out for funnies, jokes and one-liners to my online audience. I got some good response to lube the imaginary lines but my personal execution was, to be honest, a bit shit. I'm not a comedian, i'm just funny- Day to day funny, ya'know. Accidentally hilarious. But how can you be funny-  on purpose with a purpose....

Ideas are amazing, and they are sooooo good in your head, they come out lighting fast and oh so easy. In your imagination, everything works wonderfully and it's all very fun...But then when you sit there to get them out in a format that you don't really understand.... It is way harder. Takes ages....nothing seems to work as fast as my brain. 

However. You can sit around on the mental couch and have great ideas allllll day...It's very comfortable. The hard part is getting off the couch, standing up and walking towards their reality. What stops you? What stops everyone from doing everything they want to do? Only themselves and their own fear. Fear of being shit. Fear that these amazing ideas you had on your life couch are actually absolute rubbish. It's much much safer on the couch. But fear is where the most growth is. 

So, you gotta go to grow. You've got one life baby, make every step count...... And to be honest with my trumpet, when I did stand up.... to sit down to write, I was rolling with the punchlines-Bish bosh bash, baby! I steamed though the thing I was most afraid of. 

I've got a comedy script that is actually good- Real people have read it. A real film maker, a real screen writer and other really real people. And they gave me no notes. No one could think of anything funnier. LOL. (Maybe the humour was just so niche..... ) Do you want to read it?! Do you want to see it in action?! ME TO. I can't wait! It's going to be amazing (isn't everything in your head), so I'm currently working in a basement putting it together piece by piece. 

Getting the camera angle and height just right with with the latest studio equipment. 

Being creative doesn't pay any bills. But does paying the bills make you happy? I know it's 'real life'. I know most people think it is the only acceptable version of success. But it's not mine. I have found some unusual ways to sustain this creativity over the years....Dodging the splatter gun affect of 'You must do this...Why aren't you doing this.....Why the hell are you doing that?!' It's a good trick- but it didn't work on me. Being creative -is literally my lifes work(and a current side hustle of English Teaching). I think I am only good at being myself.

Sometimes I do think 'Oh dear...what am I doing...... ... Look Charlie, look at all that lovely green grass over there... " But then I see all these people on their grass and guess what, they are desperately unhappy standing on it. So I look back at my grass and think, it's all just grass. Life is too short to worry about who's mowing their lawn, who's letting it grow outrageously....It's just grass. Do what you want with it. 

Don't worry about my patch. I might just be surviving on the outside but i'm thriving on the inside. This brain is pumping, my mind is fully engaged with it's personal joy, and that kind of light will water the grass just fine.  


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