My work ended up on some terrible social media website. These beautiful moments and pictures were completely misrepresented, their significance lost amongst such comment buttons as ‘WTF’ ‘EWE’ ‘LOL’ ‘FAIL’ ‘WIN’ etc.

If you have read the article and comments then here's someone with something intelligent to say:
'This is a shocking visualisation of a text that many many Christians might otherwise neglect. Thing is, lambs are cute. And beautiful. And innocent.

The crime against Christ was not beautiful, as we might see it - as we might be accustomed to the image of a crucifix from churches or old art books. The crime against Christ was brutal and cruel and evil.
This image of a real lamb strung up as a man crucified helps to shock the eyes to the stark terror of the event.' 

'... It is so striking; the aspect of religiosity and life made me stop and think.....
It's been a while since i've seen art that truly interests me, thanks!'

'NEEDLESSLY SHOCKING’ was another comment.
Is shock ever needed? 
When is it needless?

Why is it needed: It makes you think. It stops you. Forces you to confront things outside your comfort zone. Makes you feel alive brings you closer to death and it's realties. 

'Like a Lamb to the Slaughter' is not only a hugly loaded piece in religious terms, but also a reference to the millions and millions of animals lives that are needlessly wasted. Life now means nothing and if it takes shock tactics like this to make people wake up and see them then I'm all for it.

This is what happens every day in a hell of a lot worse ways to animals that are alive- the very food you probably eat. 

I am a vegan. I have more respect for life than anyone I know. Seeing the things I have seen and going to the hideous depths of the food industry changes people and I try and make work that changes people too.

Life is the most precious gift of all and it breaks my heart to see these creatures tossed into skips. No one knows because no one see's and if they carry on not seeing t
hen how is anything going to change? It's very easy to judge when you don't have the full story. The media sensationalises things, distorts the real meaning and intention.

I know my style of writing is very blasé and I come across as if I don't care but that is a front.
This is a subject that has compelled me to look deeper into the world and myself. I am not doing anything wrong but expressing my views (be it in an unconventional way). Obviously this leaves me open to criticism, and I welcome it but people first have to look inside themselves and realise that this is what's real and if it shocks and makes you feel bad and sick then stop eating meat. If you really want to put your money where and if your mouth is then stop consuming dairy too.

I am all for ethics. If something has been produced and it has had a good life then brilliant but the simple fact is every chicken sandwich, every lamb kebab or simple bag of sweets you have came from something and unfortunately that somethings life means nothing.


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