The Freezer Renaissance- Taxidermy Tales of the Unexpected

Based on the award-winning musical....Sing For your Lifethe first and only taxidermy puppet-show musical comedy. ... I'm defrosting the puppets to bring you a BRAND NEW SHOW! The long over-due prequel to The Greatest Show That Ever Died...The story follows Foxy (taxidermy fox puppet) who's starting a new life on the dump. Obsessed with human cutlture, he's convinced that if he can recruit local wild and domestic animal talent to join his new entertainment show,  the the humans will take them seriously, and no animal will ever be hurt again! 

Follow him as he endeavours to turn the dump into a world class performance arena and convince his fellow animal kind to join him.  

This is the prequel to 'Sing For Your Life'. How the animals got recruited for the show and more about Foxys incredible life on the streets. 

After being trapped abroad during the pandemic, I'm back in the U.K and ready to get cracking with the freezer renaissance. I've had the puppets in a frozen grave for too long. It's time to defrost my friends. 

There are so many great ideas, dreams and visions in my brain... and I'm going to make them come true. Ideas like:  


And things popping up like this ......

and many many MANY MORE

My New Years Resolution is to do EVERYTHING I haven't done. And thats a lot.

I used to be an unshakable powerhouse of crazy activity. It was genuinely mental what I would do. You will never know..... But after flying super high, my magic carpet dropped out the sky. Without support my mental health plummeted. I was stolen into a quicksand relationship,  the creativity was literally leached from my soul...and then I suffered a bereavement crisis. As fate took more twists and turns, the pandemic left me stranded in Vietnam for nearly 2 years. During that time I started a new life. A good one. I had loads of money, great friends and was living in a freaking spa! But... It wasn't real. It felt like a sub-reality and I was existing in a glitch in the system. It wasn't real. Was being tricked from my purpose. 
I didn't want to come back. But I felt I had too. Family, friends, more dying, probably. I was scared of people dying.  

Coming back to the UK was devastating. It was so beige. So bland. The world had changed. No one seemed to exist in the places I used to know. Why did I come back........ 

The only way I can justify this to myself is to make it worth it. To create the life I want. If it doesn't exist, you need to make it. You can moan about things not being right and not doing anything to make it better. The only person who can do that- is you. 

I feel like I sat down on myself for a long time. I kept myself in.
I needed to stand up again. I needed to get my old self back. The one that got sucked into a black hole.  

I was thinking how can I get back to that fire? What was I doing all those years ago that I forgot how to do now. Back then I didn't wait around for things, people, help. I just did it. I never stopped myself by 'thinking'. I just went for it, and acted on my ideas. Thinking too much genuinely holds you back.  Thinking you need people, money, things. It's not true. The power is always in your mind. Whatever you tell yourself will be your truth. 

Apparently, the harder you fall, the greater the rise. My favourite bird has always been the Phoenix. BRING ON THE RENAISSANCE
So this is my year to come back into myself. To roll all my thousands of balls. Books, music videos, documentaries, performances pieces. They are all inside me and burning to get out. 


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