Alix Fox from Bizarre Magazine came round a few months ago. We had a great time at the bottom of my garden, opening up children's toy trunks full the dead things things I like to make sculptures out of... Somethings are obviously deeply offensive but viewed with a massive sense of humour it's fine. 
 I also showed her the ropes in regard to this D.I.Y Taxidermy stuff. Here we are in my studio having a gay old time. You really can do it yourself with things you have at home. Just use your imagination! ...That's all I had to work with.
It was really strange having people round poking fun at your stuff and taking hundreds of photos. It's hard letting people into the deeply private world of me and my animals.  My art means a lot to me.... You'll have to dig a little deeper to find out why but it's in here I promise. I cover a lot of things up with humour- that's because I'm afraid I won't have anything intelligent enough to say. Comes from being surrounded by (') at university. That's right, I actually went and got an education. Amazing.

Many massive huge thanks to Alix Fox (puns of Steel) & Bizarre magazine and the photo man that I can't remember the name of (sorry). It really was a pleasure. Sorry if I came across as uptight.

***Available for all interesting offers of work- especially exhibitions,  Live D.I.Y Taxidermy performances, T.V, film, weddings and bar mitzvah's!

Love from
Charlie Gates


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