Artist Talk: Verbal Diarrhoea

(Wednesday 16th Nov 7pm)
The Doodle Bar
33 Parkgate Road
Battersea, SW11 4NP

'From the creator of D.I.Y Taxidermy LIVE we bring you a special event.

Charlie Tuesday Gates, ‘Taxidermist’, sculpture and performance artist will be talking about the inspirations behind her work and warped imagination.

This is a story of triumph over absurdity. 

From humble beginnings growing up on a Army Camp rubbish dump, to big dreams of working on the shopping channel- Teaching herself taxidermy and then bringing it to the stage….all in the style of a crazed substitute teacher.….Who’s possibly maybe drunk.

This is a no holes barred talking & pictures event!

So if you feel like getting inside the mind of Charlie Tuesday Gates and experiencing verbal diarrhea of an artistic kind, then come on down this Wednesday 16th Nov. 7.15 pm
The Doodle Bar

This talk is FREE!

Love from
Charlie Gates

*** There will be no big words, lots and lots of pictures and of course booze.



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