Image D.I.Y.TAXIDERMY Private View: Thursday June 3rd  The Nunnery 7-9pm 183 Bow Road, London E3 2SJ Gallery opening times:10-6 Fri Sat Sun Bringing together science, intuition and disturbing curiosity, Charlie Tuesday Gates will be preparing and treating animals you have grown to know and love in a D.I.Y style. But there is far more to see than experimental taxidermy! B.Y.O road kill and you coukld end up taking a piece of the magic home with you. Love from Charlie Gates x Love from Charlie Gates x This is where the Terradactyl's live. Much amazing thanks to Robin Turner for taking these photos.

Shots from 'Something Stranger'

TIT'S ON A HORSE (There is some mild explanation for this somewhere in the blog) Shots from the candlelit exhibition.... you can't actually really see anything, but it looked bloody beautiful. You would be walking around in the dark, and all of a sudden things would appear in front of you strangely. This is not going to be here for long as it's sat on an Olympic goldmine looked after by the Russian Mafia, so come and have a look before it is gone forever!

My Review Woooo!

Here is a review of "I'm Thinking Something Stranger" The show is a till open- anyone interested in coming down then give me a ring- Please don't just turn up otherwise you might get shot for trespassing 07508572978 Love from Charlie Gates x


My laptop broke so I've been trawling through old e-mails trying to find pictures of work that still exists. Here is an existing image of  'KEEP AWAY FROM IDIOTS' Unusually the sculpture still exists too. This one sadly doesn't.... One Step Ahead It was amazing in real life- Inside the head bustling with butterflies and popery.All found objects. Mostly. Everything fitted so bloody perfectly-It was perfect. One day I arrived at college to find it broken. No note, no apology, no answer. In a desperate bid for the truth, I threatened everyone I saw.... but no one had answers, no one had seen or heard anything. I was supposed to learn a lesson from this: Be more careful and do things properly. Naughty Baby Long Fingers  Baby's walking round on their elongated fingers acept they didn't actually move....but if they did...

Tits on a Horse

Tits on a Horse Sorry, I just thought that was funny because it's an antler, and antlers are from deers not horses. This photo was taken by Luke Burke, thanks Luke. I've decided to try and make an exhibition of all this work sometime in January. It seems silly not to. I can try and make it fun and not uncomfortable or embarrassing. Candle light seems like the best idea. Like this but better. I'll even move stuff around and try my hand at curation. I went to the village pub and guess what they had hanging round the back for me?Only about 20 pheasants- 20 whole pheasants with wings and heads and everything else pretty much apart from the meat! But I'm a vegetarian anyway so that doesn't matter. I watched a taxidermy video on youtube.

Today I pickled my first rat

We had what some would call an infestation.  One dark and cold night I awoke to feel the pitter-patter of tiny feet across my pillow. That’s right- my own pillow. I made a move and I felt the bastard run down my leg...................... Jesus, that was it. I had had enough sleepiness nights worrying about when I would get herpes from land sharks.  But no more. I brought about a ton or Rodin and set piles of it about the place then went to sleep. I awoke early and tentatively peered into the bowls, they were empty! So I sat back and gloated at their misfortune, but my  gloat was short lived.  The bubble burst upon hearing that rats have an illness homing device and go to their nests to die- Shit. That means in a month or a week or whenever we're going to have to deal with the smell of rotting diseased bastards ruining are nasal passages with the memory of their vile existence. Erugh.  3 days later I awoke to another beautiful day in paradise. I opened my door and ther

Look What The Stork Brung!

Today I had a brain spasm. I've been busy. Recently I've been really busy. Mostly being busy means moving things round my studio but today I was moving them more productively than usual. 'Look What the Stork Brung’ is stuff I have been working on separately, little individual pieces that were independent to each other- that I joined up. That day my mind was working and things fitted into place so perfectly. I got such a massive rush! It was so weird. 5 bloody years of keeping and collecting and in 5 minutes I had pieced all the links together to make it work like a well-oiled visual machine!  I was buzzing! I was buzzing internally so hard you wouldn't believe! That ultimate moment of creation and compleation and release was like drinking coffee reeeeealy quickly that was super strong with loads of sugar to boot.  Having all that going on inside and being in the space and the moment of silence and stillness- it was beautiful. Oh god I wish you